About Hospital

Bhaskar eye and child hospital aims at providing quality care at affordable prices... we believe in caring and being sensitive for our patients... we have one of the best eye surgeon named Dr Mona Darra who has vast experience in dealing with all types of eye patients including adults and children...she has served in government medical College kota and reputed private hospitals.. Dr Jitendra Darra is very experienced doctor who deals with neonates .. children and adolescents upto 21 years of age... He has served in medical College kota and private hospitals in India and government of Malaysia.

Eye Services


Bhaskar Eye and Child Hospital is dedicated to providing comprehensive eye care and pediatric services. Our state-of-the-art facility combines expertise and compassion to ensure the well-being of both adults and children. Trust us for specialized eye treatments and pediatric care that prioritize your family's health and vision.

child care

Bhaskar Eye and Child Hospital provides expert child care services, ensuring the well-being of your little ones. Our dedicated team of pediatric specialists offers compassionate and comprehensive healthcare, focusing on the unique needs of children. Trust us for quality care that prioritizes the health and happiness of your precious ones.


Experience clearer vision with our comprehensive CATARACT services. Our skilled team utilizes advanced techniques for precise diagnosis and personalized treatment plans, ensuring your journey to improved eyesight is smooth and effective.


Discover personalized care for glaucoma at our service. Our expert team employs advanced diagnostics and tailored treatment plans to manage and preserve your vision. Trust us for comprehensive and compassionate glaucoma services.


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